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Your satisfaction is guaranteed each time - or that session is free of charge

Top 12 Reasons to Choose Our School:

  • 1. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you are not 100% satisfied with a session - then just tell us why - and you don’t pay for that session.
  • 2. Top of the line methodology
  • 3. Lessons are fun and easy to learn
  • 4. Professional instruction from qualified teachers
  • 5. Relaxed atmosphere
  • 6. Convenient location for safe learning
  • 7. Start on your terms immediately
  • 8. One to one instruction if required
  • 9. Thai student visa (ED) 1 year all the way to 10 year.
  • 10. Friendly knowledgeable teachers
  • 11. Learn online from the comfort of your home and save time and money on traveling - or, come to our classrooms
  • 12. Free trial lesson. Your first lesson is free.

When you want to stay long time in Thailand then you need a Thai Visa such as Thai ED Visa or a Non-B Visa. Many people who start out with a Bangkok ED visa finds it convenient to learn Thai in a Thai school since it makes it easier to communicate with the Thai people. A Thai English school enables you to learn Thai at your own individual pace and there are many ways to learn Thai in a language school in Bangkok or elsewhere.

Many daily situations like communicating with taxi and motorcycle drivers is virtually impossible without having some understanding of Thai numbers and simple commands like turn right/left, straight ahead, stop and so on. Thai people’s English skills are virtually non-existent even for young people. Also, when you do attend our Thai school then you can get a Thai visa for education purposes and stay at least 3 years in Thailand. You must remember that you need to attend an interview every year in order to extended your visa but if you do pass that interview then you can get 1 years Thai Visa extension. You still need to report to immigration every 3 months to get your ED visa extended and that takes basically 4 hours to do with waiting and reporting your address as well. You also need to get a re-entry visa in case you wish to leave Thailand and come back again using your Education Visa since it otherwise will be nullified.

The most important thing when learning Thai in a Thai language school is that the teacher can explain to you what “best practice” is to learn Thai. Most schools and teachers do unfortunately not have a clue about best way for you to learn Thai so results will in most schools be slow and frustrating due to this lack of experience. However, learning Thai can actually be very fast, easy and fun – even if you are not particular good at languages or if you are not that young anymore.